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Transfer Solutions - Seats

A leader in mobility solutions!

transfer solutionsGetting in and out of a vehicle is easier than ever with transfer seats

We are a Bruno, Adapt Solutions, and B&D Independence Authorized Dealer and provide expert sales, service, and installation for a wide variety of transfer seats.

Whether a driver or a passenger, transfer seats keep you mobile and independent. We encourage you to use Bruno’s MobilityMatcher or call one of our trained professionals to help you choose the perfect style for your mobility needs.


Here are a few of our favorite transfer seat options:


Valet® Plus by Bruno

Get in and out of higher vehicles effortlessly with Bruno’s Valet Plus — the most versatile of the Valet Signature Seating line. The Valet Plus turning automotive seat is individually dealer pre-programmed to power rotate, extend and lower to an optimal height at the press of a button. Take advantage of therapeutic seat heat and other comfort-enhancing options. It’s time to enjoy running errands and road trips again.

B&D Independence

B&D Independence, Inc. designs and manufactures Transfer Seat Bases for virtually every Lowered Floor Minivan on the market today. As an Authorized Dealer, we will be able to confirm that we have a product designed specifically for your new van!

Adapt Solutions

Keep it simple! With gentle consistent travel, the XL-BASE by Adapt Solutions simply turns and lowers out of vehicle with no other motions. Combined with a straightforward, mechanical design, the XL-BASE uses two electrical actuators and series of limit switches. No muss, no fuss.


Mobility options are endless!

We go a step above when it comes to fitting your new or used vehicle with customized systems to accommodate a wide array of disabilities. Everything from wheelchair & scooter lifts, wheelchair conversions, driving aids, transfer solutions to wheelchair securements we make sure your vehicle is safe and comfortable for all your needs. All mobility-related installation, maintenance and repair work is handled right here by Nmeda-QAP Certified Technicians at this location.

The cost of equipment and installation depends on the specific year, make and model of your vehicle.
Please contact us today and let us help you remain active, independent and mobile!