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Adaptive Driving Solutions of Augusta, GA, where we want to make a difference in your life! We take pride in listening and working together to find the best solution for your transportation needs.

Leaders in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Our team of professional mobility specialists are here to help you keep your independence.


In-house Repair & Maintenance

Specializing in mobility-related installation, maintenance, and repair situations we understand how to respond to your needs.


How It's Made

BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Ever wondered what goes into designing and building a BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicle? See the process unfold and gain a new appreciation for how the most trusted brand in mobility ensures superior quality in every vehicle we build. That’s what makes BraunAbility the only mobility brand that’s built to trust.

BraunAbility Pacifica

BraunAbility Pacifica – Wide Open Space
The all-new BraunAbility Pacifica is the most spacious vehicle on the road, featuring AccessAbility Technology that opens up doorway and cabin space for more freedom!

Leaders in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Adaptive Driving Solutions of Augusta, GA wants to make a difference in your life!

Our team of professional mobility specialists are here to help you keep your independence.
We take pride in accessing and working together to find the best solution for your transportation needs.

With an extensive selection of new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles, we feature Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford. (Also full-size Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Dodge Pro Master.)

We are proud to be the only Certified Dealer of Braun, VMI & ATC in the CSRA.


BraunAbility® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

As the leader of the mobility industry, The BraunAbility Corporation understands the importance of a vehicle that meets your needs and lifestyle. Our BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vans and wheelchair lifts will get you on the road to freedom.

Wheelchair Vans and Wheelchair Lifts
From automatic lifts to side-entry conversions, BraunAblility wheelchair accessible vehicles offer the ultimate in convenience, safety, quality, and reliability.

Vantage Mobility Wheelchair-Accessible Minivans

From the very beginning, VMI has been driven by one simple philosophy: Innovation and dedication will ultimately lead to a better quality wheelchair accessible van, and a better quality of life for our customers. Since opening our doors more than 18 years ago, we’ve continued to explore new ways to create handicap vehicles that enable our customers to live fuller lives Our efforts have produced the most reliable, highest quality and most easily accessible wheelchair vans in the world.


Indiana-based ATConversions builds a high-quality, more versatile and desirable converted vehicle for the 1.7 million Americans who are confined to wheelchairs. Engineered to last, ATS’s patent-pending lift system works in a variety of trucks and SUV’s and sold at dealer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The mission of ATC is to supply customers an exceptional product that provides a truly unique life changing experience through mobility with style.


 Mobility options are endless!

We go a step above when it comes to fitting your new or used vehicle with customized systems to accommodate a wide array of disabilities.  Everything from wheelchair & scooter lifts, wheelchair conversions, driving aids, transfer solutions to wheelchair securements we make sure your vehicle is safe and comfortable for all your needs. All mobility-related installation, maintenance and repair work is handled right here by Nmeda-QAP Certified Technicians at this location.



Offering an array of different scooter and power chair lift solutions to get you where you want to go. We specialize in customizing them to fit your needs and vehicle.


Regain your independence by taking control of your adaptive equipment.  We provide solutions for most every type of vehicle you would like to equip or convert.


Helping you find the perfect solutions to safely transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle’s driver or passenger seat is our priority.


We are committed to your safety! Wheelchair tie downs and seatbelts are custom fit for your specific needs.


The cost of equipment and installation depends on the specific year, make and model of your vehicle.
Please contact us today and let us help you remain active, independent and mobile!